Avoid The Donut Hole

When THE MEDICARE PART D PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN came into existence at the beginning of 2006, as a University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School trained accountant, I immediately understood that the Medicare Part D Plan was structured in a manner that could be very costly to Seniors if they did not learn what to do and what not to do in obtaining their prescription drugs.

In each of the past nine years I have managed to keep my drug costs and those of my wife below the dreaded GAP. 

I’m sure that you all know by now that this is the point above which we must pay full price for all of the drugs that we purchase until the end of the then current calendar year.


I have written the " Drug Plan Guide " which explains in simple terms, exactly how the PLAN works and the easy steps that YOU can take to keep your drug costs down.

You will benefit from some very creative and easy ways to keep these drug costs down. You will be amazed at how easy it can be to avoid the Medicare Part D Donut Hole and keep the money in your pocket.

Be sure to read the sample excerpt page on this website. Here you will find just one example of the many ways that you can begin saving money now. The Medicare " Drug Plan Guide " will provide you with many more easy to follow steps that you can take to reduce the amount of money that you spend on your prescription costs each year and and allow you to minimize or even possibly completely avoid the " Donut Hole ".

Your " Drug Plan Guide " contains a variety of money saving methods and also includes a section which explains how you can benefit by understanding and properly taking full advantage of the rules and policies of both local and national pharmacies within the U.S. 

The Medicare Part D Drug Plan Guide is a simple and easy to use method for planning your purchase and payment options at various stages as your drug costs accumulate throughout the year. This is NOT a comparison of competitive drug prices. It is NOT an explanation of how to choose a Medicare Drug Plan. 

It IS a simple to follow plan which will keep your prescription drug costs down and I GUARANTEE that following this simple plan will result in considerable savings for you.

You must be fully satisfied that the information that you receive can and will save you a considerable amount of money in a way that is easy and simple for you to understand.

Therefore, I am offering a Money Back Guarantee in which I will return the purchase price to anyone who requests it within 7 days of purchasing your Drug Plan Guide.

If you are not fully satisfied with the information that you receive in your Medicare Part D - Drug Plan Guide and that you will avoid the Medicare Gap and save money, you may keep your copy of the Guide - and I will return the cost of the Drug Plan Guide.


Dave Wallach

Dave Wallach

PS Your guide is "Written By A Senior For Seniors". I will soon be celebrating my 88th birthday. I wrote this easy to follow Guide to share with you and this website was created with the help of my son.

PSS Please be sure to read a  sample page from the " Drug Plan Guide " before making your decision to save money and beat the " Medicare Gap ". The information in the sample page will save you the entire cost of the Guide. When you receive your copy of the Guide, you will begin saving even more.

You may purchase your Medicare Part D Drug Plan Guide for only $4.95 by clicking here for Pay Pal instant download or simply mail a check in the amount of $14.95 ($11.95 plus $3.00 S&H) to:

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Your Drug Plan Guide Will Be Sent Directly To You Immediately!!

Note: Your purchase will be much less expensive via the PayPal link above. I have provided an alternate method to purchase by mail as a convenience to those who do not have access to Pay Pal.

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